Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Round: 2

Well, here I am.  The night before I leave for a six week adventure to China a second time. I'll be posting pictures, videos, and commentary about my adventure here on this blog. For all of you guys. And for me, so I don't forget some of the best parts of my trip.

Mission: Chinese Immersion

File:Zhengzhou mt0.png
Not too shabby, right?

 Base of Operation: Zhengzhou, China. 

I am (soon to be) here
Objective: Squeeze as much Chinese into my limited brain as possible.

File:Zhengzhou Metro Logo.svg
oh, and get weird looks on the subway
So, that's about it for tonight. 

I'm getting up at 3:15 am to catch my plane to DC.

See you in six weeks!
I don't really know what this is, but it looks cool.


Er, 再见。 

or just,

see ya.

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