Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! (The easier to read version)

Hey all, 
I'm going to try something a little bit different.
Last time I said pictures are worth a thousand words, but I also want to start explaining these pictures for you. These pictures are from the last days we spent in Bejing and the first days we spent in Zhengzhou.

Ok. I've just had an apostrophe. Er, an epiphany. I'm going to make a list. With numbers. The # will correspond with the order of the pictures!(hopefully the pictures upload in the order I attached them to the email...)! 

哇! ^^_^^ 哇!!
(btw, texting in Chinese is possible, but really hard. I say this from experience.) 

So... I'll start.
1. I had always heard how crazy the streets were... now I know for myself just how much so. This woman was whizzing between huge buses through impossibly small openings. These moped drivers are brave and daring (cough ..crazy.. cough). 

2. The entrance to Confucius' Temple. 

3. One of the main buildings in the Temple. 

4. Some random kung fu wannabes 

5. A very...helpful sign in the Temple. 

6. A nice guy petting the lonely lion statues

7. Really cool architecture in China!

8. At the airport. This building is shaped like a turtles shell. Note the nice weather. 

9. Some crazy foreigners at the hotel in Zhengzhou

10. Grilled squid (I think ( didn't understand what he was saying to me)).  It tasted good though. 

11. A fruit! It was like a grape and an orange in a plum with the peel of a banana. I think it was called a mangostien.

12. The hotel in Zhengzhou welcoming the foreigners (us). 

13. . We are in Beijing. Last full day there. Eating dinner. Guess what we are eating? Peking Duck! I thought it was really good! The sauce was very seasoned. 

14. Me making homage to Mickey D's. 

That's about it! I hope life back home is going well! 
Have a great Fourth of July!

-- Mikey D.

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