Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shanghai and first days with host hamily

Me at home with host family

 Bros in Shanghai

 He likes ping pong as much as I do!

The first time we played, I beat him...beginner's luck.

 ! today for lunch me, my bro, and some other Americans and their host sibling all went out to eat xiaolongbao (don't worry about the pronunciation :)). It was amazing!
(Steamed dough balls with meat or veggie filling)

Then we went to KTV (karaoke).

Tonight after din, my fam and I went to the park where I found two cool guys playing the er hu (basically the chinese cello) I asked him if I could try and he let me! I LOVE the food here, and the people are great! They say this culture shock happiness rush will wear off pretty soon but I really hope it doesn't. 
I can feel my Chinese improving!


Anonymous said...

MIKE I MISS YOU!!! I hope you're having soooo much fun!! Haha you posted this on the 5th, but it's only the 4th here. :) Love you!
Love, Bek.
Your loving twin.
Who misses you.

Sariah Fuller said...

I'm glad I found this. My kids and I are enjoying your story. Thanks for sharing!!!

Shannon said...

What an amazing experience! Glad to hear you are having such a good time. I love your blog!