Friday, July 1, 2011

Scorpions and Squid (2.0)

Hey all, I wanted to give you a quick update of what is going on in China! We have been doing so many things per day, it will be hard for me to cover them all right now. We have been doing mainly touring over the past few days. Once I settle down in Shanghai, I will give a day by day account of what's going on, but for now, the pictures will have to suffice... (they're each better than a thousand words though, right?)So, when I blogged last, on Monday I believe, I went to the Great Wall. I realized the next morning that we had had uncannily good weather. Tuesday was once of the smoggiest I have ever seen in a city. We went to T!an An Men Square, the forbidden city, and the U.S. embassy. After the embassy we went shopping for items at a bargaining market. It was very nice to see all of the bargaining that I have learned in class put to good use on the streets. We went to a street market afterwards, where I ate scorpion (kinda like a jalepeno potato chip) and candied strawberries (like heaven). 
Two days ago we went to the Confucian temple, flew to a different city named Zhengzhou, and after eating a great dinner, we went to the night market. At the night market we walked around and just took in the sights, sounds, and smells. Everything was so new and different. I found some squid at a stall and I ate it (well, it looked like squid. I couldn't really tell what the guy was saying)! It was very rubbery and spicy. Some of my friends think I'm going to get sick, but I don't regret eating it. I want to experience as much as i can while I'm here! I didn't get a pic of me eating it, but I did get a video to show you guys. Now I just need to upload it... but next on my list: eat fried silkworm. I also tried a 'mangostien' (pardon the spelling). It was a fruit that is kind of a cross between an orange and a grape.
Hope everyone is fine and cheerful back home! More to come soon.
P.S. I tried sending pictures, but they got rejected twice. I'll send them next time. Thanks for reading!

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